Mobile Atomiser Misting System

If you have an odour or dust issue on site (e.g. Landfill) where power or water are not readily available, the Mobile Unit misting system can solve your problem. The Mobile misting system can be quickly towed to the required location, is fully self-sufficient with its own water and power supply and can handle any terrain. When used with AiroPure® odour control agent you have a powerful and effective combination for odour or dust control.

Applications for the Mobile Unit Misting System

  • Landfill Sites
  • Composting Plants
  • Sewage Treatment Works
  • Quarries Foundries
  • Any industry producing dust/odour
  • Emergency use

Main Advantages of the Mobile Unit Misting System

  • Never blocks - no need for filters
  • Uses less water than nozzle systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Greater coverage
  • Totally Portable
  • Can handle any terrain
  • Uniformed droplets for ultimate efficiency

Features of the Mobile Unit Misting System

  • Power input 110v &/or diesel/petrol generator
  • 1000 litre water bowser (24hr use)
  • Atomiser speed 2000 – 11000 rpm
  • Eye or ball hitch available

Clients Testimonials

“When Timberpak purchased our Washington site we looked at various methods of controlling dust in our production/storage area and decided on Probe Industries to supply Probe Atomiser units to control dust emissions in our production and storage areas.

These proved a cost effective answer to our problems. Fitting was arranged to work around our production schedule and carried out quickly and efficiently and tailored to our specific requirements.

As our material turnover expanded so did our operational need and with the construction of a new loading facility we had no hesitation in contacting Probe to seek advice and discuss our needs after detailed discussions we decided to trial a nozzle system with parts supplied by Probe and installed in house.

The advice we were given resulted in a system far beyond our expectations and the trial system is now in full time use and is performing without fault ensuring dust free loading of 100+ vehicles per week.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Probe Industries either for service or advice.”

Manager, Timberpak Ltd

“We’ve been trying this product since Friday of last week and it’s so far done a fantastic job of eliminating the odour problem that existed. Another plus is that the citrus air smell is actually quite pleasant, prior to using I was a little concerned that it would just try and mask the odour but as I’ve already indicated it has eliminated it all together. We also used Airopure during a final clean down of our washer system on Friday prior to the weekend shutdown, it was far more pleasant coming in on Monday morning with no odour present.

HR & Compliance Manager, Dragon Recycling Solutions

“When selecting a supplier to handle our air control systems at our busy London transfer station, we wanted a supplier who was able to respond to our ever changing needs. It was key to have a supplier who could respond to faults in a prompt manner. Probe Industries has repeatedly proven that they can adapt to our requirements providing a first class service. It should also be noted that the regulatory bodies have repeatedly commented about the effectiveness of the Airopure Fresh solution and its ability to neutralize odours.”

Transfer Station Manager, Veolia